Instasks is a Professional Concierge Service. The app provides top-tiered professionals and clients with an online platform. Our unique approach at building an App to give the client and the provider instant bookings easy process of all services:
For example;
Client requests for quick tasks and large projects. Providers receive custom requests for their specialized skills. The app takes care of all invoicing between client and provider with a detailed invoice. And stores all confirmed jobs. We track providers' locations for the clients en route to any job;

How it works: we have created a client portal platform to guide you in choosing from many categories and very skillful providers. Clients will have a choice to give the providers reviews and star ratings to ensure our elite services when booking on our app.

Our mission is to help all providers strive to achieve their financial and independent goals. To have more time with their families and creating a brighter future for all. The App offers opportunities to providers over the age of 18 and by law over the age of 21 for any tasks serving liquor.

Build your future with a secure & safe platform. Be your boss by choosing the TASKS that best suit your schedules and be available to work when you want to work. Build your income to help increase your revenue.

BACKGROUND CHECK POLICY: All providers go through an extensive (background check) through a third party company. The certificates they receive are in place to ensure the provider and client feels safe. The document you receive from the third-party background company can be given to any job you are applying too.

ETIQUETTE TRAINING POLICY: Each provider will go through Etiquette training to assure that every provider is friendly and well-mannered individuals.
We are poised to give our clients the very best in professional service. Our platform shall leave no room for laxity as we work hard to bring the very best to our customers.
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